Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Handle with no handle

Not sure how it happened, but I came in this morning and my station coffee mug had the handle busted off. How am I supposed to handle with care with no handle? Luckily a former coworker had got me a few large wilderness coffee mugs as wedding gifts. I wanted to register for the entire wilderness dish set for wedding gifts but Dawn said everyone would get them for us because they would think it was a good joke. Joke is on her because I LOVE my huge mug and it came in handy this morning as my back-up. Still not sure how it was busted in my filing cabinet drawer, but hopefully I can get a new mug since I am not sure they want me drinking out of the moose mug on-air.

The rain is starting to roll into the area this morning. Temperatures will top out around 60 today with on and off rain showers and then drying out later this afternoon as the temperatures take a nose dive. We will drop to the lower 30's by tomorrow morning. Highs tomorrow will barely get into the mid 40's with partly cloudy skies and there is a slight chance for a sprinkle or flurry later in the day. Friday much of the same...chilly and partly cloudy. Saturday we begin to warm back into the 50's and we will continue to climb into the low 60's for the start of next week. Rain will arrive on and off late Sunday into Monday with more steady rain will arrive on Tuesday. Stay warm and dry...and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Am truly sorry about your missing handle. I know what I'd do, I would show up in the boss' office and steal his coffee mug with the handle that is branded with the station logo.

    Still looking for the rain to show up. Slept with the windows wide open hoping to smell the rain coming but never did. Still don't.

  2. Well, if it isn't there just yet, I bet it will be within the hour. I LOVE the smell of rain.


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