Monday, November 7, 2011

120 Mile Moped Trip & Workweek Forecast

My bike made it. After taking the time to rebuild the engine last winter, I now know the pleasure of taking the time and doing it right. I think my bike knew that this trip would be it's last trip so it just chugged along before getting a new rebuild this winter. Our group left Cincinnati on Saturday morning and rode about 60 miles south to a state park in Carrollton, KY. The group from Louisville beat us to the park. It was a beautiful trip with rolling hills and occasionally bumping into the Ohio River.
While it was very chilly camping out, it was a lot of fun to meet up with my moped friends for the last group ride of the year. This was also my first time volunteering my truck to be the chase vehicle. So when a bike broke down we would put it in the bed of the truck and one of my dear friends was ever so kind and drove the truck while I rode my moped. We ended up with five mopeds in there by the time we finished the 120 mile trip and made it back to Cincinnati. I did notice that the ONLY bikes that finished the trip were mopeds that were rebuilt with new bearings and seals or completely stock bikes. Note: don't just throw a kit on it...rebuild it first. Lot of fun, but today I will be catching up on sleep.

While the weather was great this weekend, it will not last all week. Today and tomorrow will be mild with highs in the 60's. We will have rain just to our west the next couple days, so the far Northwestern part of the Miami Valley could see a few sprinkles or light shower, but the rain will hold off until Wednesday to push through the entire area. This will bring in much cooler air for the end of the week. By Thursday and Friday our highs will be in the mid 40's and overnight lows below freezing. There is a slight chance for a flurry or two Thursday with a little wrap-around moisture behind the cold front. We will warm back into the 50's by next weekend and maybe another chance for rain late Sunday...but that is still a long way out so I will keep ya posted. Enjoy the nice weather today and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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