Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is better than Thanksgiving leftovers?

Thanks to my mother having Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before the holiday... it allowed Dawn and I to enjoy two thanksgiving dinners before the holiday even arrived. We both love the food that is associated with the holiday. My mother sent us home with a LOT of leftovers. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. Everyone gets together, no need for gifts...just enjoy the fellowship of friends and family...and of course good food.

The steady rain is almost here. The wall of rain is moving in from the south and we will see steady rain through most of the late morning and early afternoon, heavy at times. The rain will pull out of here by tomorrow morning. We will get into the upper 50's today but only get into the lower 50's tomorrow. Thanksgiving will be mostly sunny and we will get into the mid 50's. Friday looking great as well with upper 50's and plenty of sunshine. Clouds will roll back into the area for the weekend and with that a chance for rain. Next week the models are hinting at cold air trying to push back into the area and trying to set up camp...so I will keep an eye on it because right now it has a strong trough of cold air over the Pacific for the weekend. Stay dry and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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