Friday, November 4, 2011

Moped Rally this Weekend

This weekend will be a beautiful weekend and, from what I am told, the warmest weekend ever for Bombourbon Run. This is not a traditional moped rally where everyone meets up at one location. Instead groups meet up in either Cincinnati or Louisville and we ride halfway and meet at a park and camp out Saturday night. It is at least a 130 mile trip, once all is said and done, and I am looking forward to the challenge. My bike has been very reliable all season and I hope this weekend doesn't disappoint. We have four of the Dayton Area Moped Riders going to the ride. This photo was taken, by my friend KZ, from BBR two years ago and if it looks half as beautiful as this photo, we are in for a very scenic ride. I will be sure to take plenty of photos.

As I said, the weekend looks pretty warm, considering it is November. We will see plenty of sunshine starting today and we will be a little cool with highs in the mid 50's. We will warm up a few degrees each day and we could be in the upper 60's by Tuesday next week. Tonight will be chilly though, with lows near freezing, so frost and fog are a possibility. Rain will hold off until Wednesday when a strong cold blast of air arrives for later next week. Enjoy the weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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