Monday, November 21, 2011

How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!

Saturday was a bit of a bittersweet letdown. Dawn and I went back up to Ohio State for the Penn State football game. We went with her cousin who recently traded for an older public transport bus which is now converted into a party bus complete with television and lots of seating for a big group of people with still plenty of room to lay out the party spread. It was a lot of fun to return to Ohio State for the first time since Dawn and I got married at Browning Amphitheater in July. Mirror Lake and Browning were not nearly as green as what they were earlier in the year. We also met up with a group of meteorology students we graduated with, who also came up to tailgate. I really miss all of those guys who are just as nerdy as I am. Good friends whether the weather is good or bad.
We watched the first quarter in the party bus and then we went over to High Street to watch the rest of the game. It was a sad game because we had the chance to win the game several times, but sadly we did not win. This brings on Beat Michigan week. I really miss this week on campus because no matter what the is all erased and everyone focuses on one game to set the mood for the season.

Yesterday we visited my parents' farm and we had a lot of fun celebrating Thanksgiving. My three brothers, myself, and our father got into a silly heated debate. We were talking about ceramic drainage tiles that help drain flooded areas of the farm fields. The debate was over how the tiles initially break and cause sink holes over time. My brother Clark made a few statements that easily had a few "cracks" in it and we had fun picking apart those cracks. He claimed the velocity of the higher elevation of the tube would be faster than the lower elevation of the tile. This would be true if you have a blow hole, but we were arguing about a solid tile that had no blow it would have to be the same velocity...all simple physics. Dawn said she was going insane because when we all get together we are VERY loud and "debate" over the some "boring" topics in her opinion. I had fun, haha.

On to your Thanksgiving week forecast. Today we will have a few light scattered showers, but most of the showers will be hit or miss with mild temperatures. Tuesday will be pretty much a wash-out with showers and storms most of the day and a high in the low 60's, so even warmer. The rain will move out just in time for early holiday travels on Wednesday. We will cool off a bit with highs in the low 50's for Wednesday, mid 50's Thursday and near 60 for Friday. Thanksgiving looks mostly sunny and mild heading into Friday morning with a low of 38 for any Black Friday shoppers. Much warmer than the years I participated. Working the morning shift kinda limits my Black Friday shopping. Back to the forecast...working on a holiday travel forecast graphic across the region. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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