Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Happenin's

Well on our Fox 45 In The Morning show we have been having some Halloween fun today. Meghan, Dan, and I are having a competition on who can carve the best pumpkin. There is a poll set up on the station's Facebook page for people to vote, so we will have to see who can win. (Vote for me)

We saw our first snowflakes in the Miami Valley this weekend. I was at Dawn's cousins' soccer games most of Saturday, but Dawn and I left and when we pulled out of the soccer complex it started raining. Her cousins told us that the rain came down so hard that snowflakes started mixing in, despite the air temperature at 50 degrees. There were two reasons why we saw the snow even with it being so warm...the first reason is because the freezing level in the atmosphere is so low, only a few hundred feet up. This means when you get enough rain coming down fast enough the snow doesn't have time to melt all the way. Along with that, when the rain falls it evaporates. Evaporation cools the air around it...called evaporative cooling. This also made that heavy cell of rain cool off even more, and thus sustaining a few flakes of snow.

This morning we are tracking rain again and we will see warmer temperatures over the next few days with highs near 60. Today though we will only get into the lower 50's and the morning rain will end this afternoon so any trick'r treating should be dry and cool. We have a very slight chance for rain Thursday and Sunday with two week systems moving toward Ohio. I will keep you posted on that in the coming days. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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