Friday, October 14, 2011

Update on Flurries for Next Week

It turns out a lot of people are logging on here to get the updates on the "white stuff." That being said, it also looks like with winter storms on the way, I will be back on here at least daily during the week. For anyone new to my blog, I sometimes will update this a couple times a day right before a significant winter storm to keep everyone updated as much as possible. So right before a big snow or ice storm, make sure to check back in, often. All that being said, it doesn't look like a significant snow next week, but we are still watching our chances for a few flurries.

In the image you can see the blue line of where the freezing line will be about 0.75 miles above the surface. The image is the forecast model for Wednesday afternoon and the winds behind the cold front, coming through Tuesday, will be pretty strong. They could pick up a little moisture from Lake Michigan and we could see a lake effect flurry or two for the northwestern counties. Either way it will be very windy and cold later next week...but only a 10% chance for us to see any flurries in the Miami Valley.

The next few days will not be as cold as later next week, but today and tomorrow we will only get into the low 60's for highs...still pretty cool. Winds for the next few days will be strong, about 15-25 mph, out of the west which will make it feel blustery. Sunday we will warm up to around 70 for the high and then the rain arrives Monday and Tuesday before the cold blast of air mentioned on Wednesday. I will try to jump back on here over the weekend with an update. I have a pretty busy weekend...going to Columbus for the wedding of our sports director, Nathan Baker, and his fiance, Talia Rousseau. I am pretty excited because their wedding is at one of the venues that Dawn and I visited during our wedding search. They are also having a big tailgate on Saturday before leaving for their Jamaican honeymoon and Nathan said I am "100%" attending. Anyway, enjoy the weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael


  1. Just looking out my window it seems like it should be cold enough to snow but I know it isn't.

  2. It sure looks like it will be cold enough to snow soon enough... I am trying to "enjoy" the warm, wet weather before the snow returns. Hope that new heater is keeping your room toasty.


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