Friday, October 7, 2011

Early morning chili cook-off, suuuure

Well we weren't eating the chili at 4AM, but we got our crock pots brewing the chili for the morning show. Meghan, Dan, and I whipped up the chili last night and the Salvation Army and the Ohio Beef Council will be in this morning to judge our chili. I did not use any chili powder so all the flavoring came from scratch. I personally love it and it has a little heat to it. Dawn, my wife, also gave a two thumbs up and she is not a fan of chili...although I am not sure if she was just being nice, we will find out later this morning.

My analogy this morning is that the weather is like a broken record stuck on the chorus of your favorite song. The blue skies and sunshine will continue today into the weekend and highs will be right around 80 as well. No complaints here and no rain until the middle of next week. I think after seeing close to 11" of rain in September you will be hard pressed to find anyone complaining about the sunshine and comfortable temperatures. This weekend may be one last bout of summer, get out there and enjoy it. Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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