Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moped Monday at my Place

It was another great day yesterday and possibly the last great Monday for Moped Mondays. We have cooler weather on the way and we may be hard-pressed to get another day close to 80 degrees, dry, and sunny. We had eight bikes rolling out with the group and a handful of others who didn't ride with us for several reasons. We met up at my place and then rode around the countryside before returning home in the dark. I had to try to, regretfully, boot them out of my place so I could squeeze in three hours of sleep. Thank goodness for afternoon naps. We also got in our group T-shirts and hoodies and they look awesome.
Got a lot going on weather-wise. A potentially Category 4 hurricane is about to hit the coast of Mexico where Dawn and I went on our honeymoon, Puerto Vallarta. Good thing we went during the start of the rainy season. As far as closer to home...a HUGE cold blast of air has been consistent over the last couple days' forecast models. Mid-late next week looks to be cold...AND there is a chance for a little precipitation. I will keep you posted on that.

Temps will only get into the low 70's today and down into the lower 60's by the end of this week. With a cold front plowing through Thursday we have a marginal chance for severe weather. Main threat will be damaging winds and hail...I will keep you posted on that too. The upcoming weekend, although cool, looks nice, breezy, and mostly sunny...I'll take it! Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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