Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Bad Habit??? AND Snowflakes?

I normally wait until I get to work to start drinking coffee, but I have started making my own coffee at home with coffee bags. I LOVE our new tea kettle. It only takes about 45 seconds to get the water boiling. I have to rip it off the stove so the whistling doesn't wake up Dawn at 2:45AM as I am running out the door. I am not sure it if is a good idea or a bad habit to start drinking the coffee even earlier than what I normally have been. At least I have something to drink on my way to work while I am eating my bagel. Dawn hates the smell of coffee so luckily I will be making the coffee then running to get to work.

Yesterday turned out really nice in the afternoon. We saw a few hours of sunshine before the rain returned in the evening. The rain has continued overnight and now the majority of the rain has pushed off to the east, but I expect a few light showers through the early afternoon. The next few days we will only get to around 50 for the high. Saturday morning we could see a light rain shower with a few wet flakes of snow mixing in at times. It is a weak system and moving by to our north so I highly doubt Dayton will see anything, but the northern counties should keep their eyes peeled Saturday morning. No problems on the roadways because it will all melt instantly, just some fun pre-season snow possible. We will slowly warm up into the upper 50's next week and maybe a light rain shower Monday on Halloween, but that, as well, will be very light.

Andrew Buck Michael

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