Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winterized the house.

After having the furnace run all night, or so it seemed, Monday night, Dawn and I decided we needed to take action.  We did the shrink wrap window sealer on five of the windows, and sure enough, we already noticed a difference in less than a few hours.  The furnace still ran last night, but this morning there was about a 3 hour stretch of it not running.  Now granted I opened the blinds and let in the sunshine, but still, any improvement is awesome.

I attached a graphic I made to show the track of the upcoming storm on Sunday.  The models trend to go eastward over time for the most part.  We are starting to enter the threshold of the short term models, so pinpointing the exact track will become a little easier.  As you can see right now there are a wide array of tracks of the storm.  Just to let you know, 0z is 7PM, 6z is 1AM, 12z is 7AM, and 18z is 1PM.  Other than two of the models, they all agree the low will travel close to Louisville, KY, but where it moves from there will be crucial. North means more rain for us, but more east means snow.  We are on the line for this one, and every 24 hours we will be closer to nailing down snowfall forecasts.  Any forecast of how much snow we would get right now would be a guesstimate, and I am a forecaster, not a wish-caster.  Personally, I would love to see more snow than rain, but in all honesty, I could go for 70 and sunny, ehh?  Haha, until tomorrow, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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