Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thursday's Snowfall Predictions

Well this system has been a lot more consistent compared to our last little rascally storm.  This will be a clipper meaning it will come down from Canada, clip us, then get out of dodge pretty quickly.  These systems often come down this time or year, when we are normally a little warmer, and they tend to pull northward about 30-50 miles compared to what the models originally show.  I think with this system, it will still pull north a little more than the models predict, but not as much since we are already so cold. Speaking of which, we only hit 20 for the high today.  The normal high is 39 and the normal LOW is 25...  Below average temps???  I would say so.  Anyways the upcoming snow....  The heaviest snow/ice will be in Kentucky.  The Southern part of the Miami Valley will see around 2", maybe slightly more to the extreme south. The middle of the area, along I-70, will see around 1" and the north will only see a dusting or up to 1".  The snow should start around midnight and get out of here during the mid morning hours on Thursday. We will stay cold the rest of the week and another system will roll in around Monday/Tuesday.  I will be back on tomorrow, Wednesday, to update the blog, just in case the system shifts course a little bit and the snowfall numbers need adjusted, until then stay warm and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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