Friday, December 10, 2010

Forecasted Snowfall Totals

Well here we go, we are entering the 48 hour window.  We will start out as rain later Saturday and turn to a wintry mix Saturday night.  Timing is a little hard right now for the switch-over, but a ballpark would be around midnight according to the latest models.  When we see the wintry mix we could have ice stick to the roads, so be EXTREMELY cautious Sunday.  It may just look like snow on the road, but there will be spots of ice underneath, and THAT is the worse case scenario for driving.

The wintry mix will not be long-lived, and it will quickly turn to snow.  By the afternoon on Sunday I think we are only left with a few light snow showers as most of the snow will have already fallen, but the winds will begin to pick up and that will cause some major problems as well with blowing and drifting snow.  The temperatures will drop first in the north, so they stand to see the most snow.  The far south will see slightly less.  Here is my thoughts on the breakdown.  South of I-70, I think that 1-3" are possible, the closer you live to the Ohio River the closer you can expect 1-2".  North of I-70, I think most locations could see up to around 2-4".  A few locations may see slightly more to the extreme north and places with higher elevation, such as Bellefontaine, but that may still be hard-pressed with the rain soaked surface and with temperatures getting up to 40 or so on Saturday.

These totals may be tweaked over the next 24-36 hours, but seem to be consistent with the last day's worth of models.  It will be hard to get a measurement on the snow because of the wind, so keep that in mind.  Winds will pick up through the day and be strong all the way through Monday morning, which may cause problems with schools.  Anyway, just wanted to keep ya posted, and expect another update soon.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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