Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finally thawing out

Well today will be the first day in two and a half weeks that we will get above freezing with a high of 34.  This month has been about nine degrees below normal so far, but we will finish off the week with the warmest temps of the entire month with a high of 49 on Friday.  I am very excited.  Even though I have already winterized my mopeds, I may have to break one of them out for a ride around the neighborhood.  Rain arriving later tonight and into tomorrow morning and we could see a few light spotty showers Friday during the day, but the best chance for rain will be Friday night.  So if you are heading out for any plans to ring in the new year, Friday night, take the umbrella.  It will be wet, but at least it will be mild.  Temps falling through the day Saturday will drop highs back in the mid 30's for Sunday and into next week.

Well all my football fantasy leagues are over with.  I did make the playoffs in each of my leagues, but didn't win any of the leagues. I did finish second in the Darke Journal league, and the rest of the leagues I finished 4th, 5th, and 6th despite having one of the highest scoring teams in the leagues.  My key players came down with injuries and that always will catch you off guard.  It's a shame you can't sub in another player when they get injured mid-game.  The upside to it all is that I made the playoffs in each league....I may cut back next year, managing four teams was a lot of players to remember to root for on Sundays.  Well, back to the morning show!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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