Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our First Winter “STORM” is brewing

Well I have been keeping an eye on the situation, as always, and things are slowly coming together.  The first wave of light snow will still come early Friday morning.  Accumulations look light with less than an inch for much of the area with a few locations seeing slightly more.  That will move through and leave us around the freezing mark for highs, meaning we could see some of the snow melt around the area.  Saturday night we will see a rain/snow mix that will turn to all snow Sunday morning.  The track of the system puts us right on the bulls-eye for the rain/snow line.  If the system tracks a little to the east, we will see cooler air and more snow, but if it shifts a little to the west and we are in the warmer air longer, more rain and less snow.  I am fairly confident we will see several inches of snow on the backside of the system during the day on Sunday, but as far as how much, it is still too far out into the future to pinpoint a number just yet.  This system will swing in from the south and ride north and on the backside there will be plenty of moisture, unlike the previous system last Saturday and our clipper swinging down this coming Friday.  Just wanted to pop on and keep ya updated.  I am feeling a little better, by the way. I am still not 100%, but getting there.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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