Thursday, December 30, 2010

Floral meeting

Well I have mentioned my upcoming wedding from time to time...well yesterday I did some more planning.....alone.  Dawn has been at home for the holiday's in Cleveland.  She came down with a nasty flu about 36 hours ago and she said that she didn't feel well enough to drive to Columbus to meet with the florist. Sooooo, I said I would meet with the florist alone.  I have been highly involved with the wedding planning so it is not a surprise, but I think the florist probably thought otherwise and I was a "typical groom."

I knew going into the meeting that our centerpieces were not going to be floral.  On top of that, the venue for the reception and wedding are already very decorative, so we really are not in need of much floral at either location.  So anyway, I go into the meeting and knew what Dawn wanted for the bouquets, that was first on the agenda and I think it was hit on the head pretty well.  Then when it came to the other stuff, I could she was disappointed to find there would be little more than the bouquets and boutonnieres.  I know they want to sell as many flowers as possible, but our centerpieces don't need any flowers at all....this from Dawn's mothers and Dawn herself.... although I doubt the florist believed that.  Anyway, it went well and I will wait to hear from her.

A quick look at the forecast: rain moving out of the area, but we have stayed above freezing overnight, so freezing rain has not been a problem.  We will steadily warm til the end the year, Friday night, and then rain with a cold front will push through and put our highs back in the mid 30s for next week..... BUT, the good news...we will top out in the low 50s Friday, so enjoy it!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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