Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snowfall numbers for Saturday

Well with the storm about 40 hours out, the forecast models have all been getting a much better handle on system.  We are still looking like the most snow will fall in the southern and western part of the Miami Valley.  While some of the early runs of the models were showing quite a lot, they have settled down to about 1-2 inches across the area and arriving in the morning and fall steadily through the day.  The farther north you live the more likely you will be closer to the 1" mark.  There may be isolated places that see slightly more.  This will be the perfect snow to warm up the shoveling muscles.  If you don't have enough snow in your driveway to shovel, you are more than welcome to warm them up on my driveway.... just saying.  The models may still change slightly, and I will update this again on Friday with a more descriptive forecast as to where I expect the heaviest snow to fall.  I am interested to see how the models run over the next 24 hours because it always seems like right before the first few winter storms arrive, the system pulls further north compared to the earlier model runs.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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