Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Snow, Oh Snow, Where did you go?

Well as everyone in the Miami Valley knows, we got our first accumulating snow of the season yesterday.  While we had about 1"-3" across the area, today not so much.  We had about three inches at our house and when I woke up this morning and looked out, it was not the solid snow blanket that it was last night.  Instead there were tiny patches of grass.  This was also the case as I drove into work today.  The temperature only got up to 28 today so there was no melting due to daytime "heating."  So what is it?!?!  The ground is still warm and slightly above freezing.  The most well-rooted plants then pulled some of the warmth from underground and tried escaping to and through the surface.  If you noticed, the longest blades of grass were the ones in the middle of the small melted patches.  If you are a fan of the snow then don't worry.  The cold temps over the next few days along with the snow acting like ice cubes in a cooler will only cool the ground off more....making the next accumulation of snow stick, until temperatures warm up.

Well, it has happened, I haven't gotten a cold or had the flu in years, but it has finally happened.   Well right now I feel like I am swallowing with tortilla chips stuck in my throat.  I did drink about 7 cups of tea today and it has helped greatly.  I also have been trying to fight this off as soon as I hate getting sick.  I have made sure to disinfect everything I touch so I don't spread it.... no one likes to be the person who gets others sick.  My best guess is that I must have picked up something while I was out shopping the last few days, oh well. 

Still looking at a light dusting or so for the Northern counties for the start of the week with light lake effect snow.  Some of the back roads will continue to see the blowing snow across the north as they could see up to an additional inch through Sunday night into the day on Monday.  Remaining cold until the end of the week, when we may pop above freezing a couple of days as two more rounds of winter weather rolls into the Valley.  Right now both systems look to be right on the rain/snow line, so I will be updating the blog this week on their track, maybe from bed at home.  Tentatively, the first system will arrive later Thursday evening and the second system Saturday night.  Anyway, stay warm, wash your hands, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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