Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Well the snow has came and left.  Depending on where you lived, you either saw a dusting, or  a few inches.  The majority of the snow was south of I-70 and west of I-75, where they saw between 2.5" and 3.5".  East of I-75 and south of I-70 saw about 1"-2", and then the farther north you went the less snowfall.  Areas to the far north saw about less than 1".  If you live in the north though, the winds will bring in about another inch of lake effect snow through the next few days, but for the most part the rest of us can expect a light dusting from time to time, since obviously the farther you live from the Great Lakes the harder it is to get lake effect snow.

Another huge problem for tonight is roadways freezing over into black ice.  The roads were barely warm enough today to melt the slowly falling, but constant, snow.  Now that the temps have fallen into the lower 20's, there has been a lot of viewers calling or tweeting us letting us know that all of the back roads are turning into sheets of ice.  Keep that in mind as you head out the next few days.  I know I have to take another way home because we live on top of a steep hill on a narrow street.  When the roadways were dry, two cars could pass a parked car, but barely....  I do not want to be the one who clips a parked car....not happening.... so I am going another route that will only take a couple minutes more....worth it, in my opinion.

Dawn and I went shopping last night and today and we are about 90% finished.  We know what else we need to get, so almost completely finished.  Surprisingly the malls and stores were not super busy today, I figured with the snow falling it would help ring in the holiday spirit.  Watching people shopping in the snow is a great feeling of mine.  It just like watching people smile walking out of the store knowing they got a really awesome gift for someone.  Whether they spent $3 or more, the price doesn't matter; it's the fact they know they found something special for that special someone.

So the weather ahead: Obviously we will have the chance for more light lake effect snow through the next few days.  The far north could see up to 1", but just another dusting or two for the rest of the Miami Valley.  Temps will stay below freezing all week long so the snow isn't going anywhere fast.  Friday another clipper system looks to swing through the area and we will have to keep an eye on that because the track of the system will determine how much snowfall we will see.  I will keep you updated on that through the coming days, until then make a snowball and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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