Sunday, October 31, 2010

The"F" word

Flurries.  That's right, cold weather will punch into the Valley later this week.  We could see a few showers on Thursday as the cold air arrives and by the end of the day, maybe mixing with a few flurries.  It is still a LONG way's out in terms of forecasting specifics because if the temperature raises up only 2 degrees (not a lot) then it could be all rain.  We will be right on the edge of the chance for some "white stuff."

With all of that said, the last four long term forecast computer models have been consistent in showing flurries Thursday night into Friday.  The ground still is VERY warm and the flurries would melt very quickly, but if it comes down in a decent clip, maybe a snow shower or two, the roads would get slick for a short time until it melted.  If you remember last year, it was a Monday morning I believe, when the commuters went into work around 7AM we had a few snow showers that made the roads MUCH slicker than what they were used to in the previous 6-8 months.

I guess it is time to start getting my fingers ready for some daily action (maybe twice a day action) on here to keep you, the reader, updated on any developments with approaching winter systems.  Enjoy the lower 50's while they are here and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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