Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Mornings = bittersweet

So as many of you know, I work crazy hours.  I am not complaining at all about that, but my body sometimes just gets tired of it all.  I work mornings during the week, then work Friday night for high school football, and Saturday and Sunday night.  So you can imagine getting off of work at midnight some nights and then waking up for work at 2AM some mornings....well yea, my body gets confused. 

This is why Friday morning is so awesome, but then again, it's the worst morning.  My body finally starts taking its toll and starts to drag itself.  When the cell phone alarm goes off, I want to toss it across the room, but I try to focus on the positive.  It is the last morning I have to get up that early for a few days since I work the following three nights.  I still have to get up by 9AM to send out the morning weather text, but what would you rather take, waking up at 9AM or 2AM.... pretty easy to choose that one.

I am very jealous of Dawn, she got a new Droid Incredible last night.  I have to wait until next Thursday to get a new phone.  Yesterday also marked our 4 months since we were engaged....weird how fast time flies.  The wedding will be here in about....ehh....three minutes.

I am also heading to the eye doctor before Friday Night Football.  I am down to one contact left and will also be looking for a new pair of glasses too.... Well I gotta get back to the forecast, but have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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