Thursday, October 7, 2010

An "Off" day in Philly

We started off the day by heading over to the ballpark, as you can see in pic one, we got the press sound of that the players were expecting. We then headed outside to watch them practice a little.  Arroyo looked loose. I also managed to snag a homerun practice ball in pic three.  We then headed to the Museum of Art of Philadelphia.....

We shot a reenactment of Rocky, I hope you caught it.  If not, it will be on our website.  We then went to an Italian restaurant that a worker at the ballpark told us about.  It was the first time I has mussels.... not a huge fan, kinda weird.  Baker and I split a salad and pasta, but let me tell you, it was hands down the best pasta I have ever had. It was a small Italian restaurant in a village called, Tre Scalini.  The food was unbelievable.

Then I came back and edited the video for Nathan's Rocky reenactment and sent it to the station.  Now, I have the rest of the night off, so time to either see what Philly has to offer, or head to bed.... What will a Buck do?  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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