Friday, October 29, 2010

Storm Update & Frosty Forecast

Well the National Weather Service went out to survey the damage I saw and wrote about in my last blog entry, and they confirmed it as an EF1 tornado with winds around 90 miles per hour.  Crazy to think that a tornado came within half a mile of my parents and after talking to my dad, he expressed how much he wished he would have liked to have a video camera rolling at the time.  My brother has one he bought a long time ago that he left at home, but they would have better chances of it snowing right now than the battery being charged.  For those who experienced the damage, I would think that getting insurance to cooperate would be easier with "tornado damage" rather than "straight-line wind damage."  Just talking out loud with that comment, so hope I didn't offend any insurance adjusters.  It just seems that people do not take straight line winds as serious, when they actually do more damage here to the Miami Valley than tornadoes do on any given year.

Now that the storm and cold fronts have made their way though, the chilly air has arrived.  It is a little harder getting out of bed now that the house is sooo cold in the morning.  I do laundry just to warm up the house without having to run the furnace.  The house is normally set at about 66 or 67, but we may need to raise that up just a bit...  I also am going to look into a better way to insulate the windows because it isn't that cold outside yet, but I feel that the 50 year old windows on the back of the house will suck all the warmth out when it does actually get cold.  Anyway, we will see temps dip to the freezing mark to night with clear skies.  The warmest day for the next week is tomorrow with a high of 62, the rest of the highs are in the mid and lower 50's and even into the 40's.... so comfortable moped weather is quickly coming to end.  I can't decide when I want to rebuild my engines, whether to wait until it is snowy, or just get them done now.  Well grab the extra blanket for the bed, and sweatpants to wear around the house because it looks like the cold weather is moving in and unpacking its bags.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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