Thursday, October 14, 2010

Got my truck back!!!

Dawn and I went to Washington, PA on Monday and we picked up my truck.  It looked better than when I originally bought it.  So happy to have my four wheels again... it is starting to get a little chilly for mopeds. 

I spent the day on Tuesday paying bills and changing the oil in Dawn's car and my truck.  I always love crawling under the hood and getting a little dirty.  I spend yesterday working a lot, which leaves me to today.  I am doing the weather currently, but I will be heading up to Arcanum for a school talk.  Then stop by my parents place to drop off my dad's drill press and then head home for a much-needed nap.  I will be back dark and early in the morning tomorrow for more weather action, so make sure to tune in!  The weekend is looking great with mild temperatures, so enjoy, and have a good one.

Andrew Buck Michael

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