Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Late Night Philly

Well we all know that McD's and Taco Bell try to stay open late, but here in Philly, its the steak shops.  To be honest, I saw zero McD's, Taco Bell, or Burger Kings.  On the other hand I saw, literally, about twenty Philly steak joints.  After Nathan got in, we went over to the Ballpark and did some work, but once we were finished we were both pretty hungry.  We went up to South Street and got Phillies. It makes perfect sense why their baseball team is named the Phillies.... They are everywhere.  We went to Jim's Steaks and I got to admit, it was pretty good and much healthier than what I am used to.  Normally I get all the fixins with mayo and such, but I didn't dare ask to take it any other way than how they make it, and it was pretty simple: 9" bread, three slices of cheese with chopped steak on top and then finally topped with grilled onions.  Simple and delicious.  Today we are going back into the city to get some awesome stories that you will love.  More phillies, maybe some Rocky reenactment, take a look at the Liberty Bell, and also Independence Hall where the Constitution was hammered out.  We will get great video of each, so stay tuned.....

Wait I haven't even mentioned the Reds.... no worries, we will be live this evening from the ballpark so make sure to keep it locked onto us not only today, but the rest of the week.  Well time to get working, have a good one!

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