Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweatervests, Christmas, and Mopeds

As many of you know who read my blog, it was only a matter of time.  As long as the temperature stays below 60 degrees, I will throw on the sweatervest.  Even though we will get above 60 in the afternoon, this morning will be down right chilly, so I decided to start things off properly while I anchor the morning show.  So get used to it because as long as it stays chilly, it will be around until next spring.

ALSO!!!  Today is October 1st, meaning the start of Christmas.  My rule of thumb is that Christmas arrives too soon.  You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas, bam, bam, BAM!  So its good to get in the holiday spirit early in order to not let it slip by.  Last year I had my Christmas tree up already, this year, I am letting Dawn decide when.... not because we are engaged and she makes all the calls, but because I wanna see when she thinks it is time... I always will have the Christmas spirit within me.  Honestly my favorite part of the holiday season is watching people shop.  Add in a few flurries with people running out of the stores with smiles on, great times.  I just enjoy the cheer that comes with the holiday season.

Well I am getting ready to head to the studio and anchor here in a few minutes, but afterward I will be leaving town.  It is time to head to Pittsburgh for the last Midwest moped rally of the year.  It will be fairly small with only about 50 or 60 people.  The Saturday ride should be a lot of fun, about 70 miles of riding around Pennsylvania with a few stops at local attractions.  I will take pictures and post them when I return.  We will be camping out and right now it is looking CHILLLLY!!  Good thing my pillow has a zip cord to tighten the opening around my head... I says it keeps you warm down to 25 degrees.... we will see.  Well keep warm this weekend and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

UPDATE: one of our producers just asked what I was blogging about, so I read him the title, and he responded: "Essentially your life in a nutshell."  I laughed pretty hard and thought I would share.

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