Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick update on our chance for s,s,s,s,s,snow

It is really hard to say that four letter word, snow.... So here is the update.  The cold front will swing through early Thursday which will leave us pretty chilly.  There will not be a lot of moisture with this, but hopefully a little Gulf moisture will push up and meet it.  Right now it still looks chilly, but mild enough on Thursday for rain showers, but later that evening we could pick up a snowflake or two.  The chances for flurries will linger into Friday morning as well.  Guess who has 24 hours off starting Thursday mid-morning?!?!  ME!  I guess I might camp out in Mercer or Auglaize county and go on "Flake Patrol."  Either way, it will not be a lot of snow....actually I should head towards Bellefontaine, since they have the highest elevation, meaning the coolest temps.  But the snow will be light, and actually just flurries for the most part.  I will keep you updated on any changes.

Well today was my day "off."  I wake up late because of doing the late news on Sunday, and it is 9:59PM and I gotta be up at 2AM to head into work to anchor the morning news. (yes, I know I wont have a lot of sleep, but my "young" body is getting used to it)  Anyway, during my partial day off, I did a lot of household chores and also put up our weather station.  I have it running and uploading data to the internet several time a minute.  It is really cool to take a smart phone and look at live data on the weather station.... Imagine doing that 10 years ago, there would be soooo much lag time.  Well I better head to bed.  See ya in the mornin with my Tim Hortons coffee cup, hahaha!  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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