Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wet, Cold Weather

How many of you wish last week was still lingering into this week?  That sunshine and 65-70 degree temps makes you almost want to move to San Diego....BUT not, once you realize Ohio is where the cool kids live.  Haha. 

I was laying in bed on Sunday night and realized that my face was getting much cooler than the rest of my body.  The head of the bed is under a huge window, so I decided that in order to keep healthy, I better move it before the really cold air arrives.  It is always interesting how when you rearrange a room, how you never saw its potential before.  The new set-up is much better. The heat vents are completely in the open and the room should be much more bearable in the winter.  Buckeye was not a fan of the move though.  As many of you may know, he has cataracts so bad that he can only see shadows.  So everything was in its new spot and he cant quite figure out where it all is just yet, but I bet within a day or two he will be as good as new.

Well rain is on the way and cooler temps as well.  I am going to be honest, if it is going to get cold, I would rather it get COLD and then we could actually have snow.  This half-cold stuff is getting old.  I know some people would disagree with me, but everything is SOOOO brown with the drought. 

Today I ran to the barber, and now am heading to the garage to work on cleaning that out so Dawn can park in the garage for the winter.  We have two dryers, a washer, and a few other things that belong to others and it all needs to go.  I will have my work cut out for me, but at least it will be a good workout right?  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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