Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday anyone?

So last Friday I worked in the morning doing weather and then at night shooting high school football highlights, and then resting in between.  So that left me no time to even think about trying to get Black Friday deals.  The only one thing Dawn and I wanted to get was a new LCD television because we are down one, well.... not yet but almost.  The television in the bedroom is on its last leg.  I have had it since college and it is lucky that it still runs honestly.  The corners of the screen are blue and the built-in DVD player has passed on.  So Dawn and I decided that we were going to get a new television for the family room because that one was more fitting for a bedroom than a family room.  Now I will say this, it sounds like we watch a lot of TV, but it is NOT the only thing we do.  She has the DVR filled with about 60% of her Lifetime movies....pass.  On top of that, she has to fall asleep to her normal I.D. shows.... its like ritual that I have become accustomed.

ANYWAY.... the deal we wanted to snag on Friday would mean we would have to camp out for hours in the cold, and rather than run the risk of getting sick, we decided to wait and find another good deal.  Well I searched the interwebs awhile last night for Cyber Monday sales and found a great deal on a Vizio.  After consulting with her, we made the purchase...  So we are done Christmas shopping for each other because that is the gift to each other, apart from a few very small gifts. I just have our families left, which will be the hardest.  Oh well, good luck with your shopping, and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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