Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seriously, get your coat!

Well the week ahead has some ups and downs.  The next few days will be nice with mild temps, but a little breezy for Sunday and Monday.  Rain will move in late Monday and linger into Tuesday.  A few showers will roll through on Wednesday as well and then MUCH colder temperatures behind that.  Thanksgiving we could see a few flurries, but Friday looks to be the coldest day since March 3rd.  If you plan on waiting in line for any of the deals, plan on taking a few blankets or at least the warmest coat you have. 

I am now scheduled to work Friday morning which is interesting because I was planning on doing some shopping that morning myself.  I have tried running an idea by the boss to see if a camera could follow me into the store and see if I can get the great deal I was trying to get.... we will see.....

So I have to admit, I have read all the Harry Potter books.  I even waited in line for the seventh and final book to come out when my family was on vacation.  I went to Walmart at midnight to snag a copy.  I was not a huge fan of the movies when the first came out because so much was left out of the movies.  However, the latest movie of the seventh book, or the first part of it anyway, has been getting great reviews.  Everyone has said that it did not leave a lot of detail out and rightfully so, this movie needs to contain as much of the detail as possible because it is the final and most descriptive of the books so far.  I also have heard of a few people who have watched it at the new IMAX theater at The Greene and they said it was amazing.....  Maybe I will have to check it out, and bring back the kid inside of me.  Well have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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