Saturday, November 13, 2010

Soaking it all in.

I know I have said it a few times, but man this weather is beautiful.  Have you ever felt sick and realized you didn't take advantage of the time when you were feeling healthy?  Well that is why I have been so active the last week.  Playing tennis three days, riding my moped every chance I get, wearing a t-shirt, and taking evening walks with Dawn and Buckeye.  Well today was much of the same.  Since we have NCAA football on, there is no 6PM news.  So after taking care of my morning weather duties, Dawn and I got ready to head up to Columbus.

Her family has a tradition to tailgate for at least one Buckeye football game.  Well the last few dates fell through and today almost did too, but we had a large group that came today.  So since I would have to leave early to get back to Dayton and since traffic was going to be horrible, I decided to out-smart the system.  Also, I have never rode my moped around Columbus.....sooooo.....I strapped the moped into the bed of my truck, dropped Dawn off with her family to drive into the tailgate and I went to my brothers' apartment a little over a mile away from campus.  I have always wanted to moped around Columbus.  It is just a very moped friendly town, wide lanes, and if you time the lights right then you hardly ever have to stop.  (Luckily I found this out early when I was going to college)

I stopped by their place and hung out with my two younger brothers for a few minutes.  They both sold their tickets so they were just going to stay at home, even after I invited them.  So then I decided to head down to meet the group.  The moped ride was awesome. No one heckled me the entire way down.  I stopped the engine and pedaled into the tailgate because they didn't charge for bikes to ride into the tailgate.  Two thumbs up.  Then when I got to the site, Dawn's 6 year old cousin, Jake, asked why I was wearing a purse.  Dawn works for her cousin John and Jake is his son, and Dawn and Jake call each other "Weirdos" as jokes, so I took no offense to the 6 year old.  I did however ask him how many people he knew that had this many tools in their "purse."  I then had to explain to him that the moped was older than I am and that I had to bring tools in case it breaks down and I had to fix it, he smiled and ran along with the rest of the kids.

We had a great time soaking in the rays in our little island of vehicles and lawn chairs.  A few rowdy Penn State fans across the isle had the long arm of the law come down on them, and its lucky they have that "long arm" because one of the Penn State fans ended up drinking so much she got sick all over herself.  As a matter of fact, they had to call an ambulance and fire truck to come out and attend to her, C'Mon Man!  I understand trying to have a good time and what not, but this female did not know her limits, very sad, but luckily she was cared for.

With the clock ticking I knew I had to run back and get my truck.  Dawn was going to stay and watch the game with everyone else and come back to Dayton with her cousin John.  I was going to bring his wife, Adah, and their harassing son, Jake, back to Dayton.  So I left plenty of time for me to run back to the truck and swing by and pick them up.  Since I've never been in Columbus on my moped, I decided to take a little joy ride around downtown.  It was awesome.  Riding a moped in the country while soaking in all the sights, that you would miss going 60 miles per hour, is fun.....but riding a moped around a city with sky-touching buildings, ever-changing smells, and restless people is nothing short of bliss.  Many people turn and watch as they hear what sounds like a chain-saw zipping down the street.  I wish they could see the smile behind my helmet. Hope you took advantage of the day as well.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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