Friday, November 12, 2010

Looking silly on the tennis court

So Tuesday I played tennis with a few people from work, we played doubles and I was on a team with Jon Scott, who hates to lose.  We lost three matches.  Surprisingly he didn't seem to upset, but myself on the other hand was not doing so well...  I was a bit dehydrated and the park water fountains were already shut off for the season.  I pushed on and played the rest of the two hours and continued to get sloppier on the court until finally we stopped so Jon could go and hit the hay since he wakes up for work at 10PM. 

I went back Thursday and played against Molly, one of the morning producers at work.  She was hands down the most experienced player on Tuesday and we live fairly close.  She still beat me in the two matches, 6-0 each match. BUT I will say I did play much better.  Almost every time we were ready to score we were tied or close to it.  My serving was bad and if I could have just finished stronger a time or two I coulda held on longer.  So I went back today and worked on my serve and also played against the wall they made in the courts.  I worked on my aim a lot because if I wouldn't have overshot the back of the court a few times as well, I coulda done much better.  Either way, it was such a beautiful week.  I hope you all enjoyed it as well.  Time to get ready to shoot highlights for week two of high school football playoffs.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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