Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nothing sounds good to eat....

Do you ever just get tired of eating the same old stuff????  I was going to try and be a little healthier, and get a Meijer sub and eat it dry.  I don't know if they stopped making them or they were sold out, but no dice.  So I was like, oh well and just bought my trail mix and Extra gum for my oral fixation.  I was figuring it would be my excuse to get some fast food on the way home, but every fast food restaurant I passed just didn't sound good.  Now I know there wasn't a whole lot of them, but the eight or so I passed, all sounded bad....  So I came back to the station and have been eating the trail mix.... I need to call Elaine from Seinfeld and ask her where I can get a "Big Salad" at around here.  I just want something healthy.  Then I called Dawn and we talked about how its so easy to eat unhealthily.  I mean think about it... To go to a restaurant and get a "healthy salad" it would be like 6-9 bucks.  And its just as easy to roll up to a restaurant and get a hamburger for a dollar.... Now I would have got a head of lettuce or something for here at the station, but its not like I have a kitchen to cut it up or anything.... So it looks like I will be a bit on the hungry side for the rest of the night, which I guess is better than gorging myself full of greasy unnecessary food...  Maybe it has something to do with the cold temperatures. We only hit a high of 19 today.... Maybe Monday and Tuesday I will try to catch a flight to the island on LOST.  Maybe Jin could make me some awesome sushi.  Anyways, I am out, take care everyone, bundle up, and have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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