Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wind energy anyone?

Hope everyone is enjoying the thaw we are seeing.... personally, if its going to thaw, at least lets make it the 60's!  Maybe that's just me, but 33 or 34 degrees just isn't my idea of a decent thaw.  Anyways, you might have "caught the wind" that next week it is Where You Live: Sidney, and if you have read many of my blog entries, you obviously know its always Where I Live!  I hope you will enjoy it, and as a matter of fact, I did a special story, where I drive around and give you a look at the Sidney high points, should be fun!

I don't know if have mentioned it on here, but behind Christmas, my favorite hobby or ambition of mine is wind energy.  I obviously love the weather, and a huge "Go Green" person when it comes to finding new energies and harnessing them.  Well the idea of wind and energy is enough to spark my interest three fold!  So yesterday I went to Union City where the school and community each purchased their own wind turbines.  Here is the link to the video. It is the first place in the country that both the school and community joined efforts.  Round of applause for you guys!!  It was a blast to be there and to actually see one of the motors being mounted... I had a 2009 calendar of wind turbines actually.... yea I know, weather geek.

Update on the weather, could see a few light showers this afternoon, maybe even a little freezing drizzle tonight as temps fall below freezing, but better shot at rain tomorrow PM.  Things warm up in to the 40's for the weekend, then cold air returns with the chance for snow for next week.  Have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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