Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Snow on the Way!!

Thursday could be interesting here in the Miami Valley.  Models have been pretty consistent and are showing a few inches around the area.  Snow should start picking up in the morning hours and then start to taper off by the evening, so the snow could be coming down at a pretty good pace through the day.  Plus we are looking to be pretty windy on Friday, so get ready for drifting snow. 

Speaking of drifting snow, every time I shovel my driveway, it just drifts back over.  Now that I do a lot of traveling on a daily basis, it is quite impressive how much more snow we have an hour north of Dayton.  Most of it is due to the warmer temperatures they saw a few weeks ago, all of the snow melted in Dayton, but stayed on the ground up here in Shelby County.  The side of my driveway has a two foot pile of snow along it from all the shoveling.  My hopes are that I can get it to get a few more feet higher for a huge drift and then I can dig tunnels through it like my dad used to do with me back in Darke County as a kid.  Goodtimes.  Well I am off to help my father pick up some more hay for the livestock before the snow arrives, have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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