Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas lights come at a price.

So I seriously did not expect to get an electric bill as large as I have the last two months.  I am not going to reveal the actual number, but it was more than double our normal bills the last two months, and since we have a gas heater and hot water heater, all Dawn and I can figure is that it was the Christmas lights.

It's not like I left our lights on a long time either, we started lighting them on a nightly basis about a week before Thanksgiving and then took them down the day after Christmas and were only on for about 5 hours at night.  I could see maybe an extra $20, but its much more than that.... Oh well...  Maybe next year I will invest in solar panels.  I guess I can thank Dawn too for not letting me put up the number of lights I really want to put up..... Our bill would be more than the bill to light the Las Vegas strip.

Also I was reminded last night of an old friend I used to work with.  He always used to tell me: "Smile, people will wonder what you are up to."  I was a bit smiley yesterday and sure enough, it never fails, and I wasn't even trying to look mischievous.  Anyways, just thought I would pass that along...

Quick look at the forecast, chance for more fog tonight with rain arriving Sunday morning.  Light scattered showers for much of the day tomorrow, we could see a little freezing rain in spots, mainly isolated spots, on the leading and tail edge of the rain, mainly North where it will be colder.  Most of the precip however will mainly stay to the South and especially the East as the system rides up the East Coast.  More rain will arrive on Tuesday and possibly a few flurries on the backside for Wednesday as cold temperatures return to the area.  Have a good one!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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