Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello from the cubby-hole!

I join you tonight from the dark corners of the photographers cubby-hole, since I am a photog today and have to keep up-to-date on work emails, thought I would check them and drop a line to my readers, you!  Today I am working with Regina and shooting the top news of the day.  Yesterday, I didn't get the companionship of another person to do the news with since I was solo and doing two stories to the north in St. Henry and Russia on their connections to Haiti.  It is just such a shame what happened down there and your heart really goes out to those devastated by the earthquake.

We got a few systems the next few days that could cause some problems on the roadways.  Friday morning, tomorrow, we have a weak cold front swinging in with very little moisture. If we happen to see anything tomorrow morning it will be freezing drizzle and be in isolated locations, mainly north of Dayton.  Keep an eye out on the road conditions and take some extra time.  Then on Sunday another system will be swinging by to our east and we may be able to get a few flurries or sprinkles, mainly east of Dayton.  This again looks to be light over our area, so basically remaining pretty quiet for the next few days.  Warmer temps will help melt the ice and snow, but refreeze at night, so its a good idea to get the driveway cleared off as best as possible in the afternoon while its melting to avoid an icy driveway.  Anyways, enjoy the warmer temps and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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