Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday AM update on Thursdays's Snow

I will be updating this later today after looking at new and up to date data, but many people are wondering some basic questions, When, How Much, and Will There Be School?

When-As of the latest data, it looks to start as a light snow between 7 AM and 10 AM, Thursday.  It will start in the western counties around 7 AM and work its way westward and should arrive in the eastern counties around 10 AM.  The snow will linger through the day and be pretty persistent and start tapering down in the evening, with flurries remaining for Friday.

How Much-The snow will start out light and constant, and become fairly heavy especially in the afternoon.  Within about 12-15 hours we will be dumped on, and with it coming within a short amount of time, it may cause a problem for road crews. Once all is said and done, I think about 2-4 inches by Midnight Thursday night. With us being as cold as we are, the snow to liquid ratio is higher than if we were warmer, so I think we may be a bit closer to the higher end of the 2-4, although some locations may still see that 2 inch reading on the ruler. With that said, some locations could be seeing a tad more than the expected snowfall totals, it just depends on where the heavier bands of snow seem to ride.

Will There Be School-Well a few schools may choose to delay school tomorrow to see how things shape up, but with a decent amount of snow in the afternoon, I wouldn't be surprised if some schools decide to have an earlier dismissal, so having a plan for your kids would be a good idea in case they are sent home before you expect.  With winds 10-20 mph on Friday, drifing snow will be a very real problem.  Depending on how the road crews tackle this problem, some schools may be off Friday as well.  Keep it locked to ABC22 and FOX45 because Dayton's News Source will updates all morning tomorrow, including the only local newscasts from 7-9 AM. 

On the backside, get ready for VERY VERY cold temperatures!  Especially in the morning, low temperatures in the single digits.

Unrelated to the upcoming storm, but a little tidbit: I know it has been pretty cold and nasty the last few days, but I did keep warm pretty nicely yesterday in Darke County.  I went home and helped my dad get more hay for our livestock.  I have a truck and help them move the hay, and its always fun to see how many bales of hay we can stack on it.  Yesterday we only did 31 bales at once just because we didnt want to overload on one trip and then come back and get a few remaining ones... I still think we could have done more, but my dad and brother said we would just come back...  Anyways, despite the fact that it was 19 degrees the entire time, when you are out on the farm doing work, it isnt hard to keep warm.... Have a good one, and get ready with your snow shovels!!  I will post an update later this afternoon.

Andrew Buck Michael

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