Friday, January 8, 2010

Left with a Winter Wonderland

Well it is about two weeks late for a White Christmas but Old Man Winter's watch must have ran out of battery life....  A lot of schools finally got to start tapping into their allotted snow days, which makes the kids and teachers happy, and parents are left with the chore of deciding what to do with the kids at home; whether that be staying home, calling a babysitter, grandma, or another relative. 

I had a busy day yesterday, I started off the day in Richmond monitoring the snow moving in.  Then I had a brief break before returning to Dayton for road conditions for the dinner time shows, then for the late shows I rode around in an ODOT snow plow.  It was a lot of fun, and afterwards I was kinda left in amazement.  We assume that they have to get the roads clean, but if you think about it, it is an amazing service.  We all pay taxes, and as soon as the first flakes start to fall, these guys and gals, are out there getting things as clean as fast as possible in order to keep the flow of traffic in order.  It was just kinda cool to actually see where are tax money is going.

Well now that the snow has came we got more things to worry about, winds and temperatures. Today's winds will be about 10-15 mph, which will cause some minor drifting on the rural roads, but winds will calm down a little until late Sunday.  With the fresh snow pack, we are expecting temperatures to dip into the single digits the next few mornings, with wind chills near or below zero.  One thing to keep an eye on is the clouds.  If we see any clearing during the next few nights, temperatures will easily dip below zero. Keep that in mind if you park your car outside.  Sunday night and Monday winds will begin to pick back up from 10-15 mph and we will see wind chills below zero, so remember that as the kids head back to school or you head back to work on Monday morning.

There is one "bright spot" in the next 7 days, we may be able to reach the freezing temp, although the snow may have other plans.  The snow acts like ice cubes in a drink and likes to keep us much colder, but as of right now we may hit 32, or at least come close the middle and end of next week.  After all of these wind chills below zero, I think 30's will sound like a heat wave, ehhh?

Haha, have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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