Friday, January 22, 2010

Are you feeling lucky?

So yesterday I was a photog for Seth Bauguess and it was quite an interesting little trip.  We had a few technical difficulties so we had to slightly alter our plans a hair, and as it turned out, they were for the better.  We were assigned one story for the day, and then by the time we returned to the station we had about three new stories on top of it. Had we not have had the technical difficulties to begin with, it would have altered our schedule, and the news wouldnt have fallen into our laps.... Seth wanted to buy a lottery ticket, but I am not a betting man.... Figured I would use my luck on a safe commute home.

So it looks like a warm weekend around the Miami Valley.  Temperatures will try to break the 50 degree mark on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday will be mostly cloudy, possibly getting a little sunshine, but a decent amount of clouds will be around.  Then on Sunday it will be windy and also rainy.  So if you have any outdoor plans or want to go out for a walk, Saturday is the day to take advantage of the warm temps.  The rain comes in on Sunday and then on the backside of that system temperatures will fall back down with highs near the freezing mark.  We also have a chance to see a little snow next week, right now not looking like a lot, but we could see enough to turn things white.  I will keep you update in the coming days.  Jeff Booth is off tonight and I will be filling in for him, doing the weather all weekend, then also filling in for Mike Terwilleger on Monday morning.  Have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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