Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let the Wintry Mix begin!!

Well parts of the area have seen a light dusting of snow, mainly to the North of Dayton, so far today.  We have been in a dry lull the last three hours, but an area of convergence out to our west is pulling in a lot of moisture.  We are below freezing in the northern part of the valley and above freezing to the south.  So as you can imagine, the next 12-24 hours will be interesting because some areas to the north may see all snow, and some areas to the south may stay all rain until this time tomorrow when the cold air really punches into the area.  All in all, the highest accumulations for the next 48 hours should be about one to two inches.  Nothing major, but roads will be icy tomorrow night, keep that in mind as you are heading home from any festivities.

On a completely unrelated note, I am returning my brother his Sachs mopeds tomorrow.  He gave it to me to get it back running after he almost put it into its grave.  He didn't check the clutch and there was no fluid in there.... lucky it didn't blow on him.  Then he also caught his birds nest of wires in the peddle and really did a number on those... So basically I had to do some rewiring, engine/clutch work, and also take his stock (cough cough) exhaust and clean out as much of the carbon out of it as possible to actually allow air to flow through it again.  Anyways, it is running again, and I have to give it back.  I am still waiting for the stator plate for my Sebring. I cant wait to get her running again, I look so big on her two beautiful wheels, but I still love every minute she runs.... Then my Tomos, I need a few piston rings and I should be able to get that back together after trying to piece the top end back together after it was seized.... Mopeds are a never-ending headache, but the reward of riding them is worth it...

Have a good one, see you back tomorrow to finish off my 14 day-16 shift stretch of working...

Andrew Buck Michael

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