Sunday, December 13, 2009


So Dawn and I currently do not have the third season.  We think it is at her parents house, and we have flew threw season one and two, but now we are moving at a much slower pace.  It was so nice when it was on DVD and we could watch it while falling asleep, but now I have to take my laptop out to the living room and hook it up to the TV.  The bedroom TV doesn't have the hook-ups for the laptop.  So anyways, now we have to watch them on Hulu and wait for the ads to play and such.... time wasted... especially on the internet... Anyways, Amazon had a HUGE deal the other day.  Season five came out on DVD last Tuesday, so Amazon was offering 70% off if you bought seasons one through five, and the price was the same, if not less, than if you bought two seasons.  So we thought, ehh, why not get it and find a use for seasons one, two, and four.  (Maybe Christmas gifts.)  Haha.

Icy morning today in Sidney, looks like with temperatures dropping close to freezing again tonight and patchy fog forming, we could see a little black ice form in some of the colder locations.  Not everywhere, but basically the normally cool spots.  Warm for the afternoon on Monday though, close to 50 degrees.  Then a cold snap Tuesday with a rain/snow mix.  The end of the week could be interesting, possibly our first accumulation of snow for the season.  I will keep you posted on that.  Have a good one!

12 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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