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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anyone got directions???

Cuz I am LOST!!! That's right, I talked about LOST in my last blog and season three came on DVD yesterday, so it has basically been LOST non-stop since yesterday.  Also got a new dryer yesterday because the last one was broken, and it takes half the time to dry the clothes now.  I expect to see a decrease in my electric bill.

Update on the chance for snow this weekend... right now it is looking like we could see a light dusting over all of the area, but a few spots could see 1-2" of snow, coming up this weekend.  It is still pretty far out to pin-point who will be seeing the most snow, if the system happens to switch  angles it would drastically change the amount of snow.  As always, I will be back on, in the coming days.... and as a sneak peek, next week looks cold, and we have a few more systems in the long range.... could we see a White Christmas???  You will have to check back in to see....  Have a good one!

10 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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