Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas forecast finally getting pinned down

With the recent computer models and blogs on here, the Christmas forecast has been on the line.  Finally the models are agreeing on the same track of the storm.  Unfortunately for us, it does not mean a White Christmas, instead it is looking like a Wet Christmas. We could see a little snow to start things off on Christmas Eve, but things will warm up and change over to rain for overnight and into Christmas.  Flurries and light snow showers will linger Christmas evening and overnight.  Things could still change, but the models have been in agreement the last 24 hours, which normally means things will hold pretty close to the models.  I will have updates here on Buck's Blog in the coming days just in case the track of the low changes and keeping an eye on things.

Well time to get ready for the evening news, then sleeping here at the station a few minutes, then back up for the morning show.... see you all this week in the mornings!!!

5 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael.

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