Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frigid Mornings=Good News for Snow-Lovers

With the last couple of mornings down into the teens, it might upset some people who do not like to cold, but for those who like the snow, it is a blessing in disguise.  The ground recently has been too warm for the snow to stick, but the ground finally has cooled below the freezing level at the surface.  If temperatures remain cold it will freeze the ground farther down, under the surface of the earth, and enhance our chances for snow to stick. 

One side note, on the way home from Canton yesterday, after Alter's win, a kid, about 7 years old, pulled up next to me on the highway and held up an Alter hat for me to see.  It made me smile and I gave him a thumbs up.

Interesting system moving our way for the middle of this week, should start as a wintery mix Tuesday night, rain for early Wednesday, and then switching back over to flurries or snow showers Wednesday night and early Thursday.  I will keep an eye on it, in the days to come, with updates on here.

19 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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