Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold last 36 hours for me....

If you had the news on yesterday or today, I was on there for every newscast doing reports on the windy, cold conditions here in the Northern Miami Valley.  We had wind gusts around 30 miles per hour during some of my reports, but that wasn't too bad.  The bad part was when I was out this morning for four hours when the wind chill was below zero for most of the time.  It dipped to 9 below zero a few times, brrrrr.  I will say, it was a lot of fun going around with the mobile weather unit and monitoring the conditions.  I look forward to continuing that when the weather warrants.  I guess the good news is that DP&L was on top of the power outages and the few thousand people who did lose power during the day, had it restored very quickly due to the extra crews out in the field ready for problems with the 50+ mph gusts of wind some areas saw.  I couldn't imagine trying to keep warm at home with no heat or electric on a night like last night.

So now that the ground is finally cold, it looks like the season of school delays due to snow and ice has begun.  On the near horizon, it looks like the next week will remain pretty snow-free.  The best chance is a wintry mix early Sunday morning.  Other than that, just rain and flurries for the upcoming seven days.

Browns are playing tonight on NFL Network, which might not be a bad idea.... it just means that less people will be able to see how bad the Browns really are as a team.  I am a fan, but things really need to change in Cleveland, they are just downright embarrasing and not even competing as a professional football team.

One good uplifting thing to look forward towards: 15 days left!!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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