Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Update on our current storm...

As I start off this blog update, I made a map diagram to better explain our system that we are seeing.... right here.  This image is at 10 PM December 2nd.  The low is currently located over Louisville, KY with the cold front draped just to our west.  The single big arrow shows where the low will move out front of the cold front.  It will move through before the cold air behind the cold front from the west arrives.  As you can see the majority of the moisture is in ahead of the cold front.  There is a little moisture behind it near the Ft. Wayne area, but the cold front will be moving eastward slower than the low.  So basically we will see the cooler air from the south before the really cold air arrives.  Thus our temperatures will not be cold enough for any accumulation of snow.  Had there been more moisture behind the cold front, AND the cold front came through about 6 hours earlier, we could have seen a light accumulation of snow, but as you can see there had to be a lot of things perfect for that to happen.

These systems that come from the south, as this one is, are our normal "big snow" set-ups.  The systems ride up the back side of the Appalachian Mountains, and use the mountains as a bumper, kinda like bowling.  If we have seen cold weather long enough, like January and February, then we could have seen a very nice snow amount, as long as we aren't in the warm sectors.  As for the clipper systems that swing in from Canada, well, they normally bring a much more blast of cold air, but they tend to be a little drier, and not bringing the moisture like the gulf systems.

It is still very early in the winter storm system season, so have no fear if you are wanting snow, we still could get a few flurries tomorrow.  Northwestern counties could see it first, but the roadways should be pretty decent for the morning... the temperatures should remain above freezing until the afternoon.   Meaning chances of things icing up should hold off until the later commute, and by then the windy conditions should dry up the roadways faster than normal.

On a side note, I made pulled pork sandwiches tonight. Dawn said it was the best thing she had eaten.  Hope so, took a long time in the crock pot, then had to pull it all apart.... looking forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow.  Have a good one!!

23 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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