Saturday, December 19, 2009

We got our first "real" snow!!

By real, I mean seeing all white outside and actually able to measure it.  We did get that dusting a few weeks ago, but was quickly melted and so light you couldn't actually measure it.  With the temperatures warming up today above freezing and now back below freezing, any roads that are left untreated and less traveled will begin to ice over.  Use caution because it may see wet and not icy, but then all of a sudden the wheels will feel like you are riding on marbles.

It looks like we will see a light dusting for Sunday night up to an inch of snow, nothing too major, but could still cause some slick spots for Monday morning.

For Thursday and Friday, we will be, once again, right on the line of the rain and the snow.  The latest models are showing the system starting out as snow late Thursday, changing back over to rain overnight and into Christmas morning, then back to snow flurries Christmas evening.... If the system shifts 40 miles one way or another from its current track, it could be all rain or all snow... Very interesting system and will definitely bear watching in the coming days.

6 days left!!

Andrew Buck Michael

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