Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday night Sandy Update

The latest predictions from the National Hurricane Center has Sandy cutting inland a little further south and then taking a hard right turn just northwest of Baltimore.  This may help to bring down even colder winds for early Tuesday because of the system getting some northerly traction.  The reason it will be turning is because it will catch into the jet stream and it will be following the jet stream north.  So depending on how hard it can punch into the jet stream near PA, it will continue to affect how much snow we will see.  So here are my latest thoughts:

Mostly cloudy Sunday with scattered afternoon rain showers, with steadier rain for the Eastern half of Ohio.  Chilly and breezy with winds 10-20+ mph.  Light rain will continue heading into Monday with highs in the mid 40`s and winds out of the north 20-30+ mph.  The winds pick up more for Tuesday helping to drive in temperatures near freezing for Tuesday morning.  The rain Monday night will begin to switch over to light snow showers and a wintry mix at times for early Tuesday morning.  Snowfall totals will be light due to melting with warm ground temperatures and the switch back to rain Tuesday morning.  Rain showers will continue for the rest of the system, through Thursday.  Winds on Tuesday will be 30-40 mph with gusts even stronger.  The further northeast you live in Ohio, the stronger the winds.  ***The track of Sandy, once inland, will determine who will see the strongest northerly winds bringing in the coldest temperatures and thus seeing the most snow.***  I think the "heaviest" (used loosely) snow for Ohio will be in a north to south streak right through the middle of Ohio, but still to early for numbers.

Check back for more updates.

Andrew Buck Michael

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