Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Columbus Moped Video & 20,000 Pageviews

 First off... want to thank all my readers.  I have been keeping an eye on my views and they have been going up over the last couple months.  I hit 20,000 today and thanks to everyone.
As promised yesterday... I put together my video from yesterday's ride.  What you did not see is the fact that I broke down.  The GoPro battery died first.  My bike was running solid then coming out of a stop it did not want to go more than half throttle.  After a few throttle twists it completely died out so I began my checklist... fuel, looks like it.  Spark, yup.  New plug, yup.  Compression, no change from before.  I tried starting it for a while and eventually did get it to turn over a couple times but had a wet backfire.  I figured either my timing slipped, bad fuel, or a gasket is blow.  It still has great compression, so leaning away from gasket.  I added fuel today and got it to run a little ways, so I will need to dig into that next week... I am working eight days straight starting tomorrow.  I also want to clean the carb thoroughly and check the reeds.  Anyway, here is the video of before my breakdown and three mile walk home.
Wish I could be riding today because it is so nice... the gorgeous warm October weather will continue for the rest of the workweek then rain returns late Friday into Saturday then our highs will fall back into the mid 40's instead of near 80.  Enjoy it while it is here and have a good one!

Andrew Buck Michael

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